What’s In The Identity?

One of the glaring flaws of democracy is, many a times 'popular sentiment' ends up hijacking relevant issues of poverty, education & job creation. In nations like India hamstrung by 'policy paralysis' of successive governments, popular sentiments can easily turn insidious. They are often put to use by beleaguered governments to cozen the masses as … Continue reading What’s In The Identity?

Reservation: Why The Nation Still Needs It?

As the nation coasts through the upheaval post liberalization & implementation of New Economic Policy in 1991, a new breed of urban middle class rises. It is well versed with the nuances of west: liberalism, free market policy & lassiez- faire theory. It fiercely espouses the view that people irrespective of their social standing must … Continue reading Reservation: Why The Nation Still Needs It?

Tracing The Origins Of Naxal Movement

  As the political cauldron in India continues to simmer; the left pitted against the right, the centrists up in arms against a government many of whose representatives are regularly  accused of stifling civil liberties & setting communities against each other to further their Machiavellian motives. At such ominous times (pun intended!),  it's never late … Continue reading Tracing The Origins Of Naxal Movement

Tribal History Of Jharkhand

Tribal history & society in India is by far the least understood, surely it doesn't merit much popular attention. I'll surely try construct a compendium on this vast topic, first dealing with origin & then coming onto history of tribes. 1.Origin: The tribes of Jharkhand  consist of vastly different groups & by no means represent … Continue reading Tribal History Of Jharkhand

The Less Told Story Of India’s Adivasis

Imagine one fine day on a brisk morning walk as you prepare yourself for an enervating schedule, you encounter a band of children in soiled rags frantically pacing on dilapidated bicycles stuffed with sacks of coal. For many amongst us this surely is a 19th century throwback, a desi gold rush with our own forty-niners … Continue reading The Less Told Story Of India’s Adivasis