Trying Times: The Malaise That Is Nationalism

How to better understand the malaise that’s nationalism?  Consider this; a formerly high ranking minister in one of India’s prosperous state is convicted of inciting & leading a blood thirsty mob across the streets of a slum. What followed was absolute savagery; people were maimed, killed & raped with impunity as the administration turned a … Continue reading Trying Times: The Malaise That Is Nationalism

Daily Takes: Unbridled Fanaticism

National A court orders cow slaughter case to be registered against Akhlaq’s family, Akhlaq was killed on 29th September by a rancorous mob in Dadri near Delhi. The relatives of the accused involved in the gory lynching of Akhlaq were long pressing the administration to prosecute Akhlaq’s family amid forensic reports that the family actually … Continue reading Daily Takes: Unbridled Fanaticism

Daily Takes: The Valley Simmers & Britain finds its May

National Yet again Kashmir continues to simmer following the killing of a militant, Burhnan Wani & the emotionally charged up funeral procession where tens of thousands assembled. In the wake of protests; 34 die. This seemingly eternal cycle of violence & the unnerving calm post the crackdown by armed forces begets an equally unnerving question; … Continue reading Daily Takes: The Valley Simmers & Britain finds its May

What’s In The Identity?

One of the glaring flaws of democracy is, many a times 'popular sentiment' ends up hijacking relevant issues of poverty, education & job creation. In nations like India hamstrung by 'policy paralysis' of successive governments, popular sentiments can easily turn insidious. They are often put to use by beleaguered governments to cozen the masses as … Continue reading What’s In The Identity?

Muslims & The Dangerous Game Of Ideological Warfare

As the ‘Ram Janambhoomi Movement’ began gathering steam in 80’s propelling BJP led coalition government to power after a series of communal riots across the nation. Muslims of India would develop a sort of paranoia towards Right wing political entities. In the 90’s as the communal cauldron simmered Muslims would tread on the devious path … Continue reading Muslims & The Dangerous Game Of Ideological Warfare

Tracing The Origins Of Naxal Movement

  As the political cauldron in India continues to simmer; the left pitted against the right, the centrists up in arms against a government many of whose representatives are regularly  accused of stifling civil liberties & setting communities against each other to further their Machiavellian motives. At such ominous times (pun intended!),  it's never late … Continue reading Tracing The Origins Of Naxal Movement

The Number Game: India’s Population

  Honestly, a million dollar question, wish I could hammer down the answer. India comprises nearly 2.4% of world's land & astoundingly supports well over 17% of world's population. The grim result is: a third of world's poor live in India. The very fact that India today is the world’s fastest growing major economy doesn’t help … Continue reading The Number Game: India’s Population

The Coup Within India’s Muslim Society

  If I were to choose a single phrase then, certainly Muslims are indeed responsible for their troubles & abject conditions. But, things are far from being pretty simple. So, I'd rather enumerate a few among the myriad of problems: The Caste divide The wider majority amongst the Muslims are in fact descendents of lower … Continue reading The Coup Within India’s Muslim Society