Decoding The Canard Of Muslim Population Growth

  I'd try to be the voice of sanity here So, do bear with me:First & foremost population growth is itself a menace, plaguing society more than any vice could ever do.This exponential growth is unsustainable, proven empirically.Now, onto the more relevant part of your question i.e, Muslims population growth in India is surely an … Continue reading Decoding The Canard Of Muslim Population Growth

Why Do Civilizations Decay?

  Why do civilizations decay? Why’d the mighty Rome die into shambles that too subdued by the unruly Huns & Goths? Why’d the all powerful Achaemenids, Arabs or Chinese, timeless as they were obfuscate so easily.   So, here we have a plethora of disparate reasons leading up to the decline & decimation of large cultures across … Continue reading Why Do Civilizations Decay?

The Less Told Story Of India’s Adivasis

Imagine one fine day on a brisk morning walk as you prepare yourself for an enervating schedule, you encounter a band of children in soiled rags frantically pacing on dilapidated bicycles stuffed with sacks of coal. For many amongst us this surely is a 19th century throwback, a desi gold rush with our own forty-niners … Continue reading The Less Told Story Of India’s Adivasis

The Conundrum Of Separation

The very question that,  what did Jharkhand achieve post bifurcation of Bihar?  is sufficient to elicit passionate replies. I, in my personal capacity, shall try to put forth a reasonable answer. In hindsight, why’d things come on to bifurcation? While writing for my blog I tried stitch some reasons: “The state of Jharkhand(formerly south Bihar), … Continue reading The Conundrum Of Separation

The Dying Conscience Of A Nation

There lays a society built upon the perceived scruples crafted meticulously through ages. Slowly but, surely these ‘esteemed’ values mutate into obnoxiously obstinate practices which can at times undermine the very existence of a civilization. Through ages we’ve had numerous instances where nations crumbled under their own weight unable to anchor antediluvian ideas which could … Continue reading The Dying Conscience Of A Nation