India’s descent to Hindu-fascism

In an alternate universe, the Babri Masjid verdict by India’s Supreme court would have created ripples globally. The Apex court has condoned the heinous act of razing the 16th-century mosque and the violence in its aftermath that claimed an upward of 2,000 lives (mostly Muslims). India’s descent to a Hindu-fascist majoritarian state seems relentless, unchecked, … Continue reading India’s descent to Hindu-fascism

Craven & Servile: How The Indian Media Lost The Plot

I’ve a habit of sifting through various news websites every day.  I regularly hop between sites like The Atlantic, Guardian & Indian news sites like Scroll & The Wire.  Since the past four years, I’ve almost given up watching Indian news channels.  Partly because of the substandard shows that simply love to sensationalize every damn … Continue reading Craven & Servile: How The Indian Media Lost The Plot

Trying Times: The Malaise That Is Nationalism

How to better understand the malaise that’s nationalism?  Consider this; a formerly high ranking minister in one of India’s prosperous state is convicted of inciting & leading a blood thirsty mob across the streets of a slum. What followed was absolute savagery; people were maimed, killed & raped with impunity as the administration turned a … Continue reading Trying Times: The Malaise That Is Nationalism

The Dying Conscience Of A Nation

There lays a society built upon the perceived scruples crafted meticulously through ages. Slowly but, surely these ‘esteemed’ values mutate into obnoxiously obstinate practices which can at times undermine the very existence of a civilization. Through ages we’ve had numerous instances where nations crumbled under their own weight unable to anchor antediluvian ideas which could … Continue reading The Dying Conscience Of A Nation