India’s descent to Hindu-fascism

In an alternate universe, the Babri Masjid verdict by India’s Supreme court would have created ripples globally. The Apex court has condoned the heinous act of razing the 16th-century mosque and the violence in its aftermath that claimed an upward of 2,000 lives (mostly Muslims). India’s descent to a Hindu-fascist majoritarian state seems relentless, unchecked, … Continue reading India’s descent to Hindu-fascism

Daily Takes: The Spectre of Mob Lynching In India

The past few months have been troubling for those who follow the Indian socio-political situation closely. Mob lynching in the name of cow-protection has morphed into a Frankenstein's monster. The state of Jharkhand in Eastern India is now turning out to be the epicenter of mob-justice & utter lawlessness. The ruling party including the incumbent … Continue reading Daily Takes: The Spectre of Mob Lynching In India