How can the psyche of Muslims be changed towards Modi?

As it appears; the premise of the question is pretty flawed. To begin with; you’ve assumed that it’s incumbent on the Muslims of India to reach out to PM Modi, when in reality it’s the responsibility of the leaders to be all- inclusive & do away with suspicions (if any that may exist among people).

You see, Muslims in India have a pretty solid reason to be wary of PM Modi. After all, this is the guy under whose nose the specter of state-sponsored genocide of 2002 were unleashed. Whether, the PM is culpable or not is a matter for another day but, the facts remain; multiple state-actors including cabinet ministers were found guilty of actively conspiring & participating in a pogrom directed at the Muslims of Gujarat. When something on this scale can happen in Gujarat of 2002 what’s the guarantee that the same won’t occur in Bengal & Uttar Pradesh or any other state?

What aggravates the situation is the fact that despite winning the general elections on an ostensibly “development- sabka sath sabka vikas ” platform the “Hindutva first” is the credo of this government. The beef bans, crackdown on slaughter houses, saffronization of History lessons ( Hindu Hero vs Muslim villain version of history is being spoon-fed to impressionable children across BJP rules states) , Gaurakshaks; rather Gau– terrorists & their blood thirst for Muslims. I remember; it made national/international headlines when Akhlaque was killed by his neighbors on the pretext that he consumed beef. Two years after the dastardly act; multiple Muslims have been killed across Jharkhand, Rajasthan & at other places & each successive crime elicited an even more mute response from the civil society to the point that it’s now very acceptable in India for a Muslim to be killed in the name of beef.

Another thing; what amuses me even more is that the Indian Middle class; sophisticated & suave either is too gullible to buy this sham of development or is an active participant in peddling the lie that majoritarian nationalism is the only authentic form of patriotism.

This lie; that somehow Hindus were wronged in the distant past & even after independence successive governments were busy appeasing the Muslims at the expense of the majority community feeds the insecurities of the Hindus. If this were true then, Muslims of India won’t fare so badly at the various development indices.

The social & economic conditions of the Muslims stamps only one fact; that they’ve been increasingly marginalized by those in power irrespective of their political affiliations.

Now, this government ought to first stop its aggressive campaign of demonising Muslims; treat them as citizens with equal  rights, help those who’re economically & socially backward instead of creating a bogey of Muslims to consolidate their Hindu votes.

An example of this virulent mentality; Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, a Cabinet Minister actually believes that his government/party gave “sanctity” to Muslims “despite them not voting for us”. This sort of mentality is the reason why Muslims are averse of the BJP.

Respected Sir,

The Indian constitution grants us sanctity that’s our right as citizens not a privilege given by you or the government.

(This post first appeared as an answer on Quora)

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